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Below are some sample projects that SuperSymmetry has helped its clients bring to reality.  

These are not for sale nor represent any products that SuperSymmetry offers or develops.

Sales Attendance Platform

Web based and iPhone and Android platform solutions - provides for industry leading Sale Attendance and other courthouse services. Next next generation technology in attending sales via automation and integration. Integrated and provide for real-time bidding and results to and from clients and court houses / Attendees. SMART technology ensures no down time.   


Technology included in the platform: Smart Phone App - Attendees, robust phone app that is available on the iOS and Android platforms, gain visibility and work performed in the field in real-time. Web Application - For Attendees and Clients, a robust web application that is available in and supports any browser, gain visibility and perform your work on your PC.  Integration - Provide secure integration with NetDirector, that provide transactions for submitting bids , receiving results and sending/ receiving documents and photos of the property.

Advanced Hearing Scheduling Platform

Did you ever wish you knew where all your attorneys were and could secure hearing coverage with a simple click of a mouse? If so .... We are Just in Time!. Our exciting new application, GoAttend-JIT is the answer to resolving scheduling issues for hearing attendance. With the JIT Intelligence, you control the selection process and resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently. GoAttend - JIT can significantly benefit the Law Firm as well as both internal and external Attending Attorneys!

Law Firm -- Efficient placement of all of your internal and external attending Attorneys -- Incorporate rules, expectations and tracking for the booking process -- Centralize all your booking by eliminating the middle man --Track all of your cases and attorneys attendance and performance -- Eliminate the need for emails and phone calls for booking -- Customize alerts and notifications with a comprehensive selection of rules.

Attending Attorneys -- Increase your opportunity for business -- Organize your workload -- Maximize your caseload -- Effectively report Results.

LegalDex using MongoDB

LegalDex solves the problem of an expensive Document Management architecture without having to install complicated software.  LegalDex is able to index and make available all documents that may reside in folders, rather than moving all the documents to a proprietary custom container.

LegalDex indexes and organizes everything based on what it is, not just where it is – it stores information about your documents or files based on how they are initially indexed or categorized. That means that when you perform a search for a specific invoice for example, the software will examine every file labeled as an invoice, regardless of whether it is in your designated invoice folder.  And if you want to change a file's designation, just re-index its metadata within the software.


MongoDB - Developers are working with applications that create massive volumes of new, rapidly changing data types — structured, semi-structured, unstructured and polymorphic data.


Long gone is the twelve-to-eighteen month waterfall development cycle. Now small teams work in agile sprints, iterating quickly and pushing code every week or two, some even multiple times every day.


Applications that once served a finite audience are now delivered as services that must be always-on, accessible from many different devices and scaled globally to millions of users.


Organizations are now turning to scale-out architectures using open source software, commodity servers and cloud computing instead of large monolithic servers and storage infrastructure.

Guard your Portfolio

Designed to help clients stop paying employees to manually check and monitor US County Docket websites, this  solution is 100% automated to monitor complete portfolio's of cases and reports back daily or on a specified frequency for new or modified docket entries - with smart technology to monitor for specific and focused Docket entries.  This includes a change notification, a before and after "Difference" highlighted PDF, and data and print screens of the affected cases.  

CountyXtract - US County Public Records - Real-Time interactive and Interfaced Web Services


CountyXtract U.S. County Public Records - Real-time lookup and Web Services.  A real-time interactive web and web services based service that allows for a myriad of customized look up and automation for any United States County data.  Data and images are retrieved “real-time”.  Solutions has direct interface and interactive capability on the Tax Assessors’, Appraisal’, Records’, Docket Retrieval and County Extranets from all 3,144 counties and county equivalents. U.S. County Public Records - Real-time look up and Web Services.

State Efiling- US Based Efiling Solutions

Solutions developed was fully integrated with the E-Portal – through an exclusive Audit and Submit technology. Our solution provided an advanced technology and workflow engine that can split, merge, order, and rename documents specific to county requirements


Seamless roundtrip process from your firm to the E-Portal via NetDirector

Confirmation number, fee elements, and case numbers returned electronically which means no re-keying into CMS


Print screen of confirmation page and summary pages included in one single PDF


Advanced reporting on submissions, rejections, filings and substantive key metrics (E-Portal will not have this information)




County Docket Monitoring 

With the current delays in the court systems in many states, firms are spending a lot of time checking docket status on numerous actions.  We provide a service that allows firms to outsource and automate the labor intensive and time sensitive docket-checking task throughout the foreclosure process.  Why not outsource this process for a fraction of the cost?


This system offers the following options:

    Docket Sweep – is mainly used for transfer files or on-boarding of new loans and checks for all previous actions filed. Provides full sweep of all 60+actions and includes Docket download

    Docket Sweep – Docket Only – provides current Docket download only.

    Docket Monitoring – provides change alerts for all actions during the life of the file. Customer chooses monitoring interval.


SCRA DOD Military Search Automation

Developed the nations most advanced SCRA DOD military search automation product that has been used for many years by top clients. 


Technology is capable of handling millisecond searches including screen shot and certificates in one PDF result, including all data extracted from certificates.  Maintenance free, Dual Extraction Method fail-over, Ultra-low footprint, load balancing, self monitoring and self recovery, advanced QA module, captcha handling enabled.

US Based Resoure - Transacription Services

Solution was an industry-first Silverlight based technology that provides the next level of automation for any business that wants to reduce labor intensive document to text conversions. This remarkable OCR technology is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and provides US Based Human audits of converted data for unparalleled accuracy.


This solutions can processes incoming images (i.e.: Mortgages, Deeds, Handwritten, etc.) to extract data from them directly and transfer the information into your database with the highest level of accuracy available on the market today. 

Azure Captcha Solving Service

CAPTCHA Azure Cloud - a superior CAPTCHA solving web service - we incorporate 100% cloud based technology and offer more reliability with 4x redundancy. SLA of 99% up-time and 80-90% solving accuracy - within seconds.


Don’t let CAPTCHAs get in the way of your strategic goals.


We provided a solution that was a superior captcha solving services, by incorporating the latest Cloud technology and being an aggregator of human captcha solving services.  Our offering is more reliable and has built-in 4x redundancy to ensure greater uptime than other providers.  Services are safe – no customer or private information is needed ever.


Most other services will go offline during the day, disrupting your service during business hours and they regularly have unscheduled downtime.  Additionally, when other service providers get busy, you could wait over a minute or even more for results.

Vacant Property Registration Service

Municipalities in the state of Florida are requiring that vacant foreclosure or just foreclosure properties be registered. The registration process consists of completing a form manually or online. There is also a fee requirement that can be either submitted online via credit card or, in most cases, paid as a check in the mail. Annual renewal of the registration is required for most municipalities. 


The software and service that can handle the following information required for registering municipalities:

• A copy of the municipality ordinance

• Registration form & the type of registration

• Fee amount & payment information

• Mode & means of submitting registration form and payment

• Renewal requirements & procedure instructions

OCR Automation & Extraction

ExactXstract HVS® is an industry-first technology that is the next wave of automation for any business. This remarkable OCR software not only can process all of your incoming images to extract data from them directly and transfer information into your database but it’s all done with the highest level of accuracy available in the marketplace.


ExactXstract HVS® - Eliminates the need for your business to manually key data from any images that come into your office in a high volume back office configuration.


There are four new proprietary techniques developed and utilized that effectively put our OCR accuracy to 90-100% which is unparalleled in the marketplace today. Included is an industry first technique that mimics the human thought process by locating and extracting data that cannot be normally found with pattern recognition techniques, which employ a complex voting system and threshold feature that is fully adjustable to fit your business needs. IntelliContext can extract data from unstructured documents smarter than any technology available in any other product.

Document Management Engine

We helped a client by building one of the fastest and most robust Document Assembly product on the planet.  The other popular and expensive products like HoTD**cs could not match the speed of this Tagged RTF Pascal based Assembly engine.  This was used for many years and still outperforms most products available today.    Other software vendors purchased this product to integrate into their own products like RamQ* Closing and other.

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